Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hang Them Out To Dry-Cold War Kids

I was so excited when I found out that the Cold War Kids were finally coming to Baltimore last summer. I had been waiting to see them since 2006 when I heard the first song from their debut full length album Robbers and Cowards. I was totally consumed by this album from the real gritty life lyrics to the amazing rhythms of their songs. It all sounded off beat and very atonal. It seemed like everything fit together when nothing logically should have. The tempo and vocals seemed to be moving in opposite directions, yet it fit together so beautifully. It is hard to explain, you just need to listen. I do think they are an acquired taste and you either get them or you don’t. I haven’t spoken to many people who are middle of the road on them. You like them a lot or not at all. I am in the former camp obviously.

The band is now located out of Long Beach, California. They formed in 2004 and put out a few EP’s before they signed to Downtown Records who released their Robbers and Cowards album. This was a band that got a lot of internet buzz which propelled them to stardom before they had really gone through just being a band. The album got a lot of critical acclaim and they then toured almost non-stop until they went back into the studio to release their second full length album Loyalty to Loyalty. This album had a backlash from the bloggers who were so high on the first one. However they rose above it and continued to gain fans from all over the world. They have just released Mine is Yours a few weeks ago. Even though it seems more polished in the studio, it still incorporates the primal sound they are known for. I really love Cold Toes on the Cold Floor. It should get a lot of the blog base back with this one.

Here is a live video of my favorite Cold War Kids song Hang Me Out to Dry. Make sure you watch the whole video for the end is really cool.

As you can see they are an exciting band live. When they finally came through Baltimore last year, I was not disappointed. They delivered everything I thought they would and even more. Make sure you check them out when they come to your town.

UPDATE: Larry and I have decided to have some updates about bands that we have written about, for those of you who might be interested. I wanted to update you about Harper Blynn. They have just released a new EP a few months ago. Again it features great harmonies and some wonderful songs. I had the pleasure of working them when they opened for Liz Phair and will see them in a few weeks as they become Schuyler Fisk’s band and then they will tour as The Damnwells featuring Alex Dezen. They are also working on a new full length album. They are busy!!!..... On another newsworthy note Matt Vasquez from one of my favorite bands Delta Spirit, has joined forces with two other bands to form the indie super group Middle Brother. He teams with members from the bands Deertick and Dawes. They are releasing an album and will go on a short tour, for this will not be a full time gig for them. They all remain committed long term to their own original bands.. I am currently in love with the single Me, Me, Me. They are guaranteed to rock the house.