Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wilco (how I learned to love listening to new music again)

In 2001 a friend of mine, Fletcher McNeill approached me about listening to some new music. He was extremely excited about a band named Wilco whose new album was due out soon.

Fletcher let me borrow some of their older albums. I was immediately impressed with "Misunderstood, "the opening song on Being There, Wilco's second album. The song is a reminiscence about the neighborhood where the singer grew up, and it begins softly but with a sense of the power that will later fully emerge. The song, which starts as a ballad, ends with Jeff Tweedy, Wilco's lead singer, screaming, "I want to thank you all for nothing, I want to thank you all for nothing at all." The rest of the album wonderful mix of songs by a creative young band showing off their versatility. Wilco plays in most any style of music, from country to classic rock and roll to cutting edge indie rock.

Several albums later, Wilco's 4th album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, remains my favorite. The tonal colors are rich, and the songs vary broadly in their styles, from the dark opening song "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" to the humorous "Heavy Metal Drummer." Here is the beautiful ballad, "Jesus, Etc."

Fletcher introduced me to Wilco just before they hit the big time. They have since gone on to win critical acclaim, including 2 grammy awards, including best alternative music album for their 5th album, A Ghost is Born.

I'm enormously pleased that my friend Fletcher has graciously accepted my invitation to co-author this blog with me. Fletcher has a keen ear for new and emerging bands ,and I am excitedly looking forward to his posts.

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  1. I really like Wilco. Thanks for introducing me to them. This song is great.